HUMIDUR Single Coating

HUMIDUR® = HUMIdity + DURability

ACOTEC = Anti COrrosion TEChnology

Humidur® is the brand of protective and marine coatings developed by Acotec. With 30 years of expertise in anti-corrosion coatings, anti-fouling coatings and top coats, Humidur® offers solutions to a wide variety of markets: the offshore oil and gas market, petrochemical industry, shipping, marine industry and energy market.

Heavy-duty performance and outstanding properties

The system has proven to be maintenance-free when there has been minimal or no mechanical impact.Humidur® is a system designed to use in all kinds of water and has a high chemical resistance at the same time. The system has proven to be effective in salt, brackish, fresh, drinking and even waste water. It also protects steel tanks and pipes with more aggressive chemicals.

In the marine and shipping industry, the products may also be used in submerged, splash zone and tidal areas and in atmospheric zones. In other words, Humidur® is able to function on the complete structure. This is proven in practice on multiple structures for several decades!


Five Humidur systems covers most structures

1. Successful in all types of water environment

  • Proven system in salt – brackish – fresh water
  • Officially approved for potable drinking water structures

2. Ideal for structures in water

  • Works in fully submerged zone, tidal / splash zone and atmospheric zone
  • Perfect for pipelines, offshore and marine structures, ballast tanks

3. Increased Flow velocity

  • Smooth surface
  • Perfect in moving water – increase flow velocity, capacity

4. Cures under water

  • Immediate use of structure
  • Minimum downtime
  • Unique efficiency in coating of submerged and splash zones!

5. Single-layer system

  • 1 layer built up to the requested DFT
  • No primers required
  • Reduced production and application costs substantially


  • User friendly; min surface preparation
  • 30-year claim-free system and satisfied customers worldwide
  • Ideal solution for Sweating Lines and CUI
  • Surface tolerant: even under minimal surface preparation conditions the coating withstands extreme conditions (adhesion values reach up to 25 MPa)



The manufacturer of Humidur®, Acotec, provides the full service from coating manufacturing, to coating application and quality control in cooperation with its clients. Acotec can provide the full equipment and technical assistance which makes the Humidur® products to the most complete products on the market.



Cost Effective

  • Single Coat
  • Minimal surface preparation and shutdown
  • No Primer and Top Coat required
  • Allows for NDT inspection at 400μm DFT
  • 1/3 losses compared to 3 - layer coating system
  • Up to 30 Year Warranty


Significant Productivity Increase

  • Up to 40% productivity increase over 3-layer system
  • No revisit for 2nd and 3rd coat application - 1 day application time vs. min 3 days for 3-layer system
  • No intermediate curing times for multiple layers
  • Cures Underwater

Increased Window of Application

Can be applied :

  • In high humidity conditions i.e. as high as 95% Humidity
  • Within a temperature Range -35°C to 150°C
  • To pH levels 0 < pH < 14
  • To salt levels < 65 mg/m2

Enhanced HSE Management

  • It is environmentally friendly (no VOC’s, no coal tar, 
    no heavy metals, no isocyanates)m
  • Eliminates need for multiple solvents/chemical
  • No risk of pollution; solvent free - no heavy metals,
    coal tar or isocyanates
  • No leaching when curing under water
  • No HSE risk - 100% VOC free
  • Minimum risk of explosion due to higher flash point (>1000C)


HUMIDUR Application at PETRONAS PCOGD, Kertih


Detail: HUMIDUR Single Coating Systems Application on Ambient, Hot and Sweaty Pipes
Date: 12-13 Nov 2019
Location: PETRONAS PCOGD, Kertih, Terengganu


Pipe with Normal Surface Temperature (less than 50˚C)





Pipe with Hot Surface Temperature (60˚C - 70˚C)








Pipe with Cold Surface Temperature (13˚C - 25˚C)






Case Studies: Offshore Platform Onsite Repair


Detail: Corrosion repair and overcoat with Humidur with minimal preparation
Client: Talisman Energy UK Ltd
Applicator: CAN Offshore Ltd
Date: Feb-Mar 2013
Location: Offshore UK, North Sea





Case Studies: Offshore Platform Nodes Repair


Detail: Coating repairs of nodes by rope-access
Client: Talisman Energy UK Ltd
Applicator: Stork Technical Services
Date: Sep-Oct 2014
Location: Offshore UK, North Sea




Case Studies: Asset Coating Repairs


Detail: Coating repairs of assets
Client: Shell
Applicator: Stork Technical Services
Date: 2015
Location: Nelson Platform, Offshore UK, North Sea




HUMIDUR Application in Malaysia - SHELL assets








Approval Letter and Technical Assessment for HUMIDUR

PETRONAS Approval Letter on HUMIDUR

SHELL Technical Assessment of HUMIDUR

Humidur Single Coating System Brochure

Humidur Single Coating System Application at Petronas PCOGD



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HUMIDUR Application at PETRONAS PCOGD on Cold Surface Temperature

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